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Extrartis is a service that lets artists to carry out the practice of Artist’s Residence having a salary for their work and for the materials necessary for the realization of the work they intend to produce. In addition, the experience can take place without facing the costs of accommodation or renting the spaces, but staying free of charge in residences with a high historical and artistic value, recognized as a cultural part of the European identity heritage.


ExtrArtis identifies the new transformative drivers of the European cultural heritage in creativity and culture.
The idea developed after a few years of research carried out on the assumption that the identity of the settlement systems is closely connected to the values and skills of the artistic offer of its territory.
ExtrArtis aims to reinterpret the integration between human and cultural capital to establish artistic flows capable of regenerating and in which art conditions not only the market but also the actors who determine it, generating a viable space for emerging artists.

Cultural quality improves by associating the tourist market with an artistic reality attentive to the specificities of the territory. This process triggers benefits not only in the interests of individuals but also of the territory and the resident community by increasing the quality of tourism and consolidating the material culture of the place. In fact, ExtrArtis triggers benefits by involving the public through educational, cultural and entertainment services for residents that build a community of artistic heritage through participatory, collaborative and cooperative approaches for the enhancement of cultural heritage.


Extrartis acts according to a human-centered meaning, enhancing the self-poietic capacity of art to stimulate synergies and symbiosis through the circular relationships that bind man-art-cultural heritage. This process triggers benefits for emerging contemporary artists, who are called to apply, through their artistic production, to contribute to the construction of a community of European artistic heritage, inspired by the cultural identity of the community and consolidating the material culture of the place in where the residence practice will take place.

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