Social impact

Artists Residencies

Challenges and Opportunities for
Communities’ Empowerment and
Heritage Regeneration

What ExtrArtis measures in 183k residencies
ExtrArtis investigates the relationships between creativity and sharing as tools of a new form of social sustainability.
What ExtrArtis induces

ExtrArtis can induce positive e ects on the settlement qualities of the places, acting as engines of the custody of the settlement values and the collaborative regeneration of the built environment.

How ExtrArtis approaches 2 Milion of Artists
ExtrArtis is based on participatory approaches able to restore the levels of cohesion, care, and creativity that the experimentation typology of the Artists Residencies is able to trigger on the territory and on the communities who inhabit it.
What ExtrArtis aims

ExtrArtis return in the form of the complex process of the artist exhibition reception a significant strategy of sustainable development, capable of influencing the community.

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